Steps to Success:

A Re-Entry Workbook

Reintegration into the community is a critical part of the incarceration process. It is a time often filled with uncertainty and strong emotions. While many individuals are excited to return home, many are also filled with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety as they contemplate the hard work that lies ahead. Steps to Success: A Re-Entry Workbookoffers incarcerated individuals practical exercises to explore all aspects of re-entry – from deciding on where they’ll be living, locating employment, reconnecting with family and friends, to fulfilling ongoing criminal justice system obligations. It empowers individuals to take ownership of their re-entry process as well as their personal growth. Whether you are a criminal justice professional, a supportive family member, or a returning citizen, whether you use this book to support work done in programming or as the basis for self-help, you'll benefit from this practical guide to re-entry. Available for purchase in both print copy and in digital license. Orders can be placed through our marketplace or by contacting us directly.

Pathways to Change

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Utilize the at-the-desk time with women more effectively by structuring that time around targeted conversations. This guide for correctional professionals offers guided casework activities to address the needs identified on the Women's Risk Needs Assessment: antisocial attitudes, education, employment and finances, antisocial peers, anger/hostility, mental health, abuse/trauma, substance use, family, intimate relationships, parenting, and self-efficacy. This guide offers a series of 22 core worksheets which can be applied to any need area, 17 skills sets to address skill deficiencies, and 15 specialty worksheets with applications to particular need areas. The collaborative approach in these interventions empowers women to solve their own problems, fosters a team approach to case management, and equips women to succeed both inside and outside of the criminal justice system. Contact us for information on training!

WRNA & GINA Automation Now Available!


We have partnered with Noble Software Group to provide software solutions for agencies utilizing the Women's Risk Needs Assessment and the Gender-Informed Needs Assessment. These platforms provide a comprehensive solution with assessment databases and case planning systems. Contact Noble Software Group for more information.