Criminal Justice and Social Service Solutions Division Mission Statement

At Bauman Consulting Group, LLC, we transform criminal justice and social service agencies through engaging training workshops, expert technical assistance, supportive coaching services, and innovative products and resources.

About Bauman Consulting Group, LLC

Ashley Bauman, M.S., M.B.A., B.C.C. founded the Bauman Consulting Group, LLC (BCG) in 2012 as an avenue to serve correctional agencies throughout the country as they worked to implement research results into practical applications.  Through this work BCG has provided consultant services to the National Institute of Corrections, the Center for Effective Public Policy, the Moss Group, and other state and local criminal justice agencies.

BCG currently provides training in a number of correctional areas including the Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment, Gender-Responsive Principles and Practice, Evidence-Based Practices, the Level of Service Inventory - Revised, the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory, Motivational Interviewing, Case Planning and Management, Organizational Change Management, and Managerial Practices in Corrections. In addition to conducting training programs, BCG has created a number of training curricula for state correctional agencies and assisted with facilitating their internal capacity to train on these topics. BCG provides expertise in many areas of correctional practice including correctional assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, gender-responsive principles and practices, correctional leadership, and organizational and policy issues in criminal justice agencies. 

BCG also has experience providing technical assistance to correctional agencies by facilitating strategic planning, developing implementation and action plans, conducting program and agency evaluations, providing continuous quality improvement, organizing agency and program redesigns, and providing recommendations for agency and program improvement. BCG conducts team building and team coaching workshops and works with correctional leaders and practitioners through one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Often these workshops integrate personality or emotional intelligence assessments such as the Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) and the Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey (TESI 2.0). 

Consultants with BCG have been published in a number of journals including Criminal Justice & Behavior; American Jails; Women, Girls, and Criminal Justice; and Corrections Today. They have also contributed to books such as, Cognitive Behavioral Programs and Interventions: What Works with At-Risk Youth, 2nd Edition,and they have written a number of technical reports for state and federal agencies. In addition to their written work, BCG consultants speak regularly at conferences and events around the nation.