Consulting/Coaching Services

Evidence-Based Practices
Gender-Responsive Principles and Practices
Risk/Need Assessment
Case Planning
Implementation and Agency Change
Continuous Quality Assurance
Program Assessment and Evaluation
Strategic Planning
Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI)
Leadership Coaching
Correctional Practices Coaching
Team Building
Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey (TESI 2.0)


Evidence-Based Practices

Best Practices in Corrections
Risk, Need, and Responsivity
Core Correctional Practices
Evidence-Based Programming
Understanding Data and Outcomes

Risk/Need Assessment

Women's Risk Need Assessment (WRNA)
Level of Service Inventory Revised (LSI-R)
Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI)

Gender-Responsive Principles and Practice

What Works with Justice Involved Women
Gender-Specific Programming and Services
Trauma-Informed Practices

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Skills for Change

Motivational Interviewing
Emotional Intelligence
Assessment-Driven Case Planning
Cognitive Skills Development for Adolescents and Adults


Supervising a Treatment-Oriented Agency
How to Lead in an Evidence-Based World
Managing Agency Change